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Free Moving Truck

Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining me today.

I am so appreciative of all the clients I’ve had over the past 12 years. That’s why we have our Customer Appreciation Program.

Anyone who buys or sells with us has access to our moving truck! That’s just one less thing you have to worry about on moving day.

So if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell, have them give us a call or ask if we can call them!

Thanks for watching!

Attorney Bart Saunders Discusses Short Sales

Hey, everyone. Thanks for visiting my video blog.

Today, I wanted to talk about a tough subject. We all go through some hard financial times and it can be hard to know where to turn. That’s why I have real estate attorney, Bart Saunders with us.

He’s here to help explain more about what a short sale is and what else is happening in the mortgage and banking industry.

Bart Saunders:

I want to thank Mark for having me. Being well informed is one of your best tools when facing financial hardships.

In 2007, former President Bush implemented the Debt Relief Act. He saw that families all over the country were having difficulties; he wanted to offer a tax relief to those families.

The Debt Relief Act forgives any income tax on the deficiency of a short sale. In most cases, when someone is facing a short sale we are looking at an excess of tens of thousands of dollars. This act is a huge relief.

We are predicting, though, that this act will end at the end of 2013. That means those facing short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy in 2014 will not be able to get this relief and will have to pay the deficiency according to their tax bracket.

That’s why if you are thinking about short sale, start now. It takes about 90-150 days to get a short sale approval. During that time, you need a good real estate agent who can keep buyers interested for that long.

Mark had asked me if foreclosure is ever the better option versus a short sale. While every situation is different, nine out of 10 times, short sale is the better option.

Also when it comes to your credit, bankruptcy is the worst, then foreclosure and short sale being the best of the three options.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get started. Take advantage of the relief. You can give me a call at 321.319.0459 or give Mark a call and we can help.

An Explanation of the Rising Interest Rates

Hello everyone, welcome back to my real estate blog!

This weekend I went to Blizzard Beach with some good friends and they asked how the market is doing. As you know, interest rates have been on the rise. So, I have my friend Bruce Woodburn from Summit Home Mortgage with us today to help us understand more about the rising rates.

Bruce: Here’s what’s happening, interest rates went from the mid to high 3s to the mid to high 4s. They are even starting to push to the lower 5s. We are definitely seeing an increase in interest rates and that has had some effect on a buyer’s power. Because of this, I wanted to ask you how interest rates are affecting the transactions between buyers and sellers.

Mark: What I’m noticing is it has caused a lot of buyers who are on the fence to jump off one way or another. The buyers who jump off and purchase a home are fueling the already active market. So for sellers it’s really great. Do you think it’s great for buyers?

Bruce: Well, I’ll tell you something, we’ve had unrealistic rates. Even with the increase we are still at historically low rates. People have become spoiled. I think this is a huge buying opportunity. We are going to continue to see interest rates rising, but it’s still a buying opportunity. One of the dilemmas we are having, though, is the buyers don’t have a lot of selection.

Mark: This is true; we have a very low inventory. Typically, a normal market has a six month supply of homes; we are currently experiencing a 2.5 month inventory. What that means is prices have absolutely stabilized and they are on the rise.

Bruce: Are you seeing buyers being able to have a lot of negotiating power and get a price below the listing price?

Mark: We are seeing prices at listed and above and that is driving up that market. I want to thank Bruce so much for helping us today. If you want to learn more about what we have been talking about today you can contact Bruce at 407.869.8830 x109 or you can contact me at 407.956.6165

Thanks for watching!

Is Summer a Good Time to Sell in Orlando?

Welcome back to the Ramey Group’s video blog with continuing information on the real estate market in the Orlando area.

The other day I was at Blizzard Beach and someone asked me a question about whether summer is the best time to sell your home.

Well, I have a three-part answer to that!

1. Summer is a good time to sell because kids are out of school. What that means is, if you are a seller, the buyers are there and truly motivated to get their homes under contract and get closed so their children can get into a school district.

2. Historically, in May, June and July there is about a 10% increase in our buyers.

3. We are currently experiencing the lowest inventory in six years!

The next 30 days will be a great time for anyone considering selling a home! I even have a hard time finding quality homes for my buyers, so if you or anyone you know is interested in selling, give me a call at 407.956.6165!

Our Success is Due to You and Your Referrals

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We are pleased to announce that each year since the "Orlando Hot 100" award has been given out, the Ramey Group has been named to the “Orlando Hot 100” by The Orlando Magazine

The magazine gives this honor in its June issue to residential real estate teams who list and sell the highest number of homes in the Orlando area.

Our success, as honored by this magazine, could not have been possible without the help of all our clients who referred us to friends, relatives and co-workers. We thank you deeply for your part in our accomplishments.

I and the rest of the Ramey Group are committed to providing outstanding real estate insights and service whenever you or someone you know is buying or selling a home. When you are ready to buy or sell – or if you just have questions about real estate – let us know how we can help.

Mark Ramey                   407-956-6165        

Thinking About Buying or Selling?

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After 2007 it got a little rough in the real estate market. Inventory was way up because of all the foreclosed and distressed homes on the market, so with supply up, prices inevitably went down. Fast forward to today. It’s a different story because there’s nothing but improvements across the board. Sales are up, inventory is down, and it’s taking less time to sell homes. There are two things you need to know as to why now is a great time to buy and sell. First, buyers are enjoying low interest rates, and banks are finally lending once again. Many first-time home buyers are eager to lock in low rates on 30-year mortgages. On the other hand, sellers are enjoying a market that is ripe for the opportunity. So what does this mean for the buyer and seller?

If you’ve thought of selling your home, the time is now. Since there are fewer homes on the market, there’s more competition for available homes. Low inventory often translates into multiple bids for homes in good condition, high list-to-sale price ratios and being able to negotiate better terms. It’s a great time for sellers. 

So when selling your home, if you want to get top dollar for your property, take advantage of the low inventory. Here’s the thing: supply and demand affect what you’ll get for your home. When everyone who has been thinking about selling their home puts their home on the market is not the time to dive in—if you want to get the most out of your home. At the end of the day, you have a better chance at success if you decide to sell now, instead of waiting until all the Joneses get into the market.

If you’re in the market to buy a home, be aggressive. When a home that you’re interested in hits the market, plan to see it as soon as possible and make the best possible offer that’s at an appropriate price point for the seller. Remember, inventory is low. If you hesitate, the property could be gone because others will be making offers.

Right now, buyers can afford more of a home because of low interest rates. Interest rates are still below 4% with some as low as 3% with a 15- or 20-year fixed-rate mortgage. Keep in mind that mortgage bankers are eager to lend. When interest rates rise, you could get locked into spending a few hundred extra dollars a month on your payment. So why wait?

We can tell you where to be positioned and how to be successful in the market. Get ahead of the rush and give us a call (407) 956-6165.  We’d be happy to assist you. 

The First Buyer to Make an Offer is Usually the Most Interested Buyer


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We’ve seen it time and again. A seller eagerly lists their home, finds a buyer with a serious offer but chooses to wait things out and see if other (better) offers come along. While it can happen and it does sometimes, the problem is that there is a process usually followed by buyers and along with it a pipeline. Here is a look at how they lead up to making an offer and how by the time the first buyer seriously considers your home they are likely the most viable one.

Buyers Are More Educated
With the advent of technology, the entire real estate industry has changed. Gone are the days when buyers would rely solely on their agent to find a home to suit their needs. Today, the Internet has taken over. In fact, studies show that over 90% of buyers spend weeks online searching for their perfect home before even talking to an agent.

So by the time a buyer is at your doorstep with an offer, there is a good chance they have thoroughly researched every aspect of the local market. They are fully aware of your competition, have weighed all pros and cons of your home and are seriously interested in your property. After countless open houses and obtaining plenty of education about the real estate market in their area, they know when they see a property that suits their needs. In many cases they are waiting for the perfect one to become available so the minute it does, they make an offer.

By the Time They Make an Offer, They Are Well Into the Process
Where sellers go wrong is to want to wait for more offers. In the process, those very serious buyers that have already made their interest in your home known will likely find another home to suit their needs. Buyers today are savvier than ever before – and with that education that they so readily find and absorb from various sources (the Internet, other publications, their peers, professionals) they have an acute knowledge of the market.

In the process of selling your home, it is critical to keep all factors in mind. Factors such as the condition of the market, your agent’s recommendations, current inventory levels, the number of days most properties remain on the market before being sold and of course prices. Putting all of that into play will change how you handle that first buyer but remember – the first buyer will almost always be your best buyer.

For a consultation that is customized to your needs, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!